Monday, April 7, 2008

Coming Home

Mitch arrived home today from NYC. I drove three kids under 3 years old to the airport to get him (not all mine -- today is a baby-sitting day for me). They were all content listening to Veggie Tales! I was amazed.

Around 5:00PMish Mitch asked about the cat. I had given up hope and had not planned on calling that excuse for an animal shelter again. But just to assuage his concern, I called. And cat #A284111 -- WAS READY FOR ADOPTION!!! I tore down there (while Mitch headed to Small Group in a borrowed car), paid the fee, and our little guy is sleeping in the clinic tonight waiting to be fixed tomorrow. He comes home tomorrow evening.

Here is the kicker: we called a low-cost spay/neuter place when he first showed up and the cost just for the neuter was $50. The emergency hospital wanted $80 just for a vet to look at him. Tonight I paid $75 and we get a neutered cat with all his shots, plus an activated microchip (in case he gets lost), and two 5 lb bags of cat food! It worked out well, but I would have happily paid more money for peace of mind these past few days.

5 Thoughts From Others:

Jen said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! BJ is home!!! WOOO HOOO.

Karin said...

As Matt was waking up at 5am I told him you got BJ last night, but he was getting fixed before you took him home. Matt said, "Oh."

I tried to continued the story with, "Cammie took Ella to the animal shelter with her," and Matt asked, "Is she getting fixed too?"

The Campbell Family said...

why BJ?

Camille said...

Name explained in his welcome home post!

The Campbell Family said...

thanks for nothing.5

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