Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goodies in the Mail!

While Karin is in Indy while her hubby, Matt, is having surgery, I received TWO packages in the mail today from her. Matt works at a recycling plant and I really hope he NEVER leaves! Today (and at least twice a month) I was blessed by "garbage" that Matt brought home for me.

First: Coupons... Lots and lots and lots of coupons from recycled newspapers.
I get crap coupons out here so I LOVE it when Matt picks up the circulars for me!

Second: An iHome iPod docking station/alarm clock!!
Matt and Karin collect all the Coke Rewards Points people recycle and I have received tons of cool stuff (like a $100 SpaFinder Gift Certificate!) from them. Today I got the docking station I requested. Now I want one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen! I initiated it with two of my faves: Shania Twain and Lincoln Brewster!

And because you asked and sent me so many presents....

Thanks, guys! Get better soon, Matt!

3 Thoughts From Others:

Nerdy said...

SHUT THE HECK UP! How cool is that?

And just so you know ... I now have an iPod. And was looking at those docking stations. You know ... in case you want to send one my way. For just being me. Or whatever. :)

Nerdy said...

Oh and PS, I go through the recycle thing at work stealing the Coke tops for Coke Rewards. He he ... we are sick women! :)

Karin said...

Dude...Ella looks beat up.

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