Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sparkling Clean Glass -- A Natural Cleaner

We have a sliding glass door leading out on to our patio. Ever since Ella started crawling, I gave up on keeping it clean. I would clean it with Windex and ten seconds later it would be covered with hand prints again. On Monday I decided to put a natural cleaner to the test. I had read that if you mix corn starch with warm water and use it on glass, not only does it clean, but the glass becomes smudge proof.

I mixed up the solution of 1 quart water to 1 tablespoon cornstarch, sprayed it on a cloth and wiped off the dirt, smudges, and dust. Then I took a clean dry cloth and wiped off the solution. Sparkling clean. Then the real test -- my "helper" wiped her nose and then put her hand on the glass... nothing. No smudge, no mark, no dirt. Genius!

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