Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not A Good Day: Part I

Last week we "adopted" an orange tabby cat who had been hanging around for a few weeks. He spent the week in the house and was adjusting well. We had decided to make an appointment to have him neutered and get his shots. I'm not sure we wanted to keep him, but at least get him fixed up for a good home. On Friday I noticed that he was very lethargic and he kept hiding. By evening it was very obvious that he was not feeling well. Of course, all of the vets in the area were already closed so we called an emergency animal hospital. The fee for the doctor just to see the cat was $80!! But, the hospital told us, because he was a stray we could drop him off and they'd look at him and then send him to the city animal shelter. He'd be there for a week for adoption and after a week, well you know....

Because we didn't want to infect our two other cats (by keeping him overnight and taking him to a vet in the morning), and because we didn't want to get stuck with hundreds of dollars in vet bills (the $80 was just to see him, it didn't include whatever was needed to treat him), we opted to drop him off. Then we'd contact the shelter, find out when his last day was and if he hadn't been adopted by then, we'd go get him. Perfect plan -- he'd get better and get a good home either way!

This morning I call the animal shelter to find out when he'd be ready for adoption. Turns out that because he's labeled "sick" (he has an upper respiratory infection, totally curable), he has 72 hours to get better or well, you know... I was distraught! The plan was never to have him you know. So I raced down to the shelter, check book in hand to pay anything to get him out of there. THEY REFUSED TO RELEASE HIM! I'm offering him a good home; I took him originally; I know he is sick... but if he's not better by Tuesday, there's nothing we can do. I am totally heartbroken for this little guy and completely ticked off at the system. They are going to you know a cat who HAS A HOME!! I can't stop crying for him (but that's not unusual for me -- I cry very easily). I'm also tired and hubby is in NY until Monday so I'm "it" for three days. I can't help kicking myself for not just paying the money and getting him fixed up on our tab. Ah well, that's life -- 20/20 hindsight!

3 Thoughts From Others:

The Campbell Family said...

Ah, no... Sorry, Cam! I don't understand why they wouldn't give him to you. One less cat for them to worry about/pay for, you know? Wish I could explain it to you but sometimes rules make no sense. Sorry.

Mom2fur said...

Shame on that shelter! I would write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about this.
At least, though, you know you tried!

Camille said...

Unfortunately, that is the city run shelter! And it has been in big trouble already the past few months. I'm hoping to head back down tomorrow and see how he's doing.

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