Sunday, April 27, 2008

To Our Friends

Our church is finishing up a four part church wide series called RE:New (you can click on the link to get podcasts, audio, and video for the series. Scroll down a little and on your right you can check out the "Lazy Sunday" video -- it's hilarious!). This weekend's message was about renewing our future and doing life together with other people. We moved to Las Vegas in July 2005 after nine months in Flagstaff, Arizona. The plan has never been to stay here long term -- we needed employment ASAP and Las Vegas offered that opportunity. Despite every effort on our part, God has yet to open a door for us to move back east to be nearer to Sarah and our families. While we wait for a door to open, we are blessed with many friends. They have truly become our "Las Vegas" family.

The McLemores -- so young but so wise! We look forward to watching as God stretches you and leads down the road of life.

The Keysers -- your journey to parenthood and long-lasting marriage is a testimony to God's love. We love having neighbors within walking distance (even if you do root for that team)!

The Carvalhos -- you guys routinely crack us up! Your dedication to and pursuit of God is inspiring.

The Hammonds -- fellow Michiganders and U of M fans -- GO BLUE! It has been a rough road at times, but we always see God in the details of your life.

The Pooles -- it has been a while, but we're always here and we know that you are always there. Your generosity with time and resources is a blessing to many! (Sorry, Jen apparently I don't have any pics with you!)

The Hatfields -- Your life experiences and sense of humor add such depth not only to our group, but also to our lives! (I only have a pic of your daughter!)

The Garcias -- You all have a quiet strength and deep trust in God. Your family is so beautiful and we praise God for answering your years of waiting for the newest addition!

The Van Vliets -- I have no pictures (we have to get some on Mother's Day!)! You both have such a love of life and a deep caring for others that overflows in your warm hospitality. Be anxious for nothing -- God will provide!

Our beloved Linda and David: Again, I need pictures! Our mentors, our friends, our inspiration when we think we can't make it as young parents -- we are so thankful for the life you model for us and the years of experience from which you share with us.

Just a fun note: This Mother's Day four of the above families are dedicating a baby at church and one a grand-baby (all born since July 2007).

It is such a joy to do life with all of you. Thank you for doing life with us. We are truly blessed!

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