Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Knead Bread

I decided to give the No Knead Bread a shot. The recipe appeared super easy and it was. If you want to start bread making -- this is the recipe to start.

Yesterday afternoon I combined all the ingredients, mixed with a wooden spoon and let it sit. (uuh.. pic not showing up. Don't know why....)

This morning, around 7 AM, it looked like this

I tucked in the edges and put it on a floured towel to nap for 2 hours.

I dumped it in the warmed up pot and threw it in the oven. About an hour later this is what came out:

And if my computer would work I'd show you the loaf out of the pot.

I have not tasted it yet because it is for dinner and I have a problem just taking 1 slice. But it reminds of the bread I made from this book (which I love and want desperately), but without so much fuss (water pans, taking up space in the fridge, etc). Plus the No Knead loaf is about twice the size as the artisan loaf. I will let you know how it compares taste wise after dinner tonight.

Given that I live in a desert and it will soon top 100 degrees daily (it was 92 yesterday), I am not keen on adding to the heat with a 450 degree oven on for an hour. But I may bake a few loaves and freeze them for use throughout the summer or relegate homemade bread to the cooler months.

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