Thursday, July 12, 2007

Babcia's Hat

Ella, like most kids her age, is not in to hats. I have to tie her sun hat on and even then she manages to get it off. There is on exception to this rule -- her babcia's hat. She LOVES this hat and loves to wear it!

NB: Babcia is Polish for "grandma" and it is pronounced "bahb-sha". My mother's maiden name is Taraskiewicz and if you can pronounce that just by reading it, then you must be Polish as well! Dzia dzia is grandpa -- anyone want to try pronouncing that?? They say that when kids learn a second language young, then it becomes second nature to them. I know a smattering of Polish from MY grandparents and it is true. I don't translate the phrases or even think twice -- they just are there. We are currently working on "Kiss Me" with Ella and now she'll turn her face towards you when we say it!

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