Friday, July 6, 2007

Luau: Vegas Style!

Last night Babcia/Grandma Vee treated us to the Luau at the Imperial Palace. The show only runs from May until September. In May and June, we still have very cool, pleasant evenings. In July, however, it is HOT even when the sun goes down. I would guess it was around 105 and above while we were outside eating and being entertained for over two hours. In true Taraskiewicz fashion, we managed to still have a lot of fun!

The dancers performed dances from all over the Pacific -- Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa, etc. There were four men and four women and they did everything.

The highlight of the show was the flaming swords -- a Samoan tradition. Michelle has seen this done in Samoa. The boys are trained from very young in twirling the swords. According to Michelle, this dude had to be Samoan because it is not a talent you learn overnight.

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