Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just Sarah

This is Sarah's last week in Vegas until November. This is also the longest amount of time she's spent with us in one block (4 weeks vs. 3 weeks in previous years). There has been doubt that Sarah could handle the month "away", but I have to say that she has done absolutely fantastic! She gets "mommy"sick only at night and even then, it's only been a handful of times (and then it's only when she's been up past her bedtime!). I can remember spending the night at friends' houses, going to camp, etc when I was her age and the nights were always hard -- just being away from all things familiar when it is dark is not easy. It probably helps that Sarah is with her Dad so technically she's not "alone" at night (whereas I was away from both parents).

We also haven't seen Sarah in 6 months and you can tell that that got long, even for her. At her age, it can be hard to understand time, but even she has remarked that going from Christmas until Summer is a really long time not to see her dad. She insists on daddy time every night. She also offered to have "Cammie" time with me, but I declined so she could spend as much time with dad as possible.

It will definitely be hard to see her go especially since she's bonded so closely with Ella. Ella will take Sarah over anyone -- anytime, anyplace -- even Mommy! It's sad that they don't get to spend more than a few weeks together each year. I guess we'll just have to get Ella another sibling.... (tee hee).....

We have a very special surprise for Sarah when she's back out in November! But it's a secret so you'll just have to wait to see!

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