Sunday, July 29, 2007


So we did it. After over 2 years without cable or satellite, we now have cable. We received an offer in the mail -- for $20 less a month than what we pay now for internet and phone we could get internet, phone AND cable.

I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It's nice to have it (I missed Food TV!), but already it is a distraction (Mitch missed ESPN). I was also surprised by how overwhelming it was to sit down that first night and flip through channels -- there was almost too much to choose from. I'm also finding we stay up later to finish a show or movie. That's fine for the summer, but when you get up at 5 AM during the school year...not OK.

I now have to also think about Ella and TV watching. We've just been watching Baby Signing Times and Veggie Tales, but now we have lots of cartoons available. So my new project is to screen shows and make sure that if she's watching, it's at least somewhat educational!

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Jen said...

Woo Hoo! And after the newness wears'll find that with all those channels, there isn't anything on to watch :) I've found lately that my television is very rarely on, and if it is, it's more for sound than anything.

Well, off to the library for more books and then a pit stop at DQ :)

The Campbell Family said...

We've got cable but Noah wouldn't know it. He still prefers videos. He has not patience for commercials.

Nerdy said...

I think I'm with Mitch - I couldn't live without ESPN or Speed channel. Beyond that I don't really watch. I admit it's on most of the time for the noise, but I can't remember the last time I actually paid attention to what was on.

Grandma said...

I'm interested in what the eating routine is and how it works. I've loved reading all your entries and seeing little Ella and Sarah grow. Loved our Thank You Card!!!

Camille said...

For the eating routine: We have this gum massager and we keep it in a cold glass of water. For a few minutes before she eats, we play in her mouth with it to "wake up" her mouth. Of course, no one told me what to do when she won't let me put the thing in her mouth.

The therapist seemed to think she just needs more teeth so it doesn't all squish around in there.

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