Wednesday, July 11, 2007

M&M World: Las Vegas

The M&M World in Las Vegas is the largest M&M World in the world! That is what we learned yesterday during a fun few hours in this totally cool store. It makes you want to re-decorate your entire house; kitchen; and wardrobe in to all things M&M.

On the way in to the store, the M&Ms were decked out for a luau and surfing.

I am not sure why, but Brown and Orange are very unrepresented M&Ms. Here is Sarah witih the rest of the colors:

The store has M&M movie posters all over the store. I couldn't get Mpire Strikes Back, but I did find one of my favorites....!

If you didn't know, M&M sponsors a NASCAR racing team. One of the old racing cars is in the store and you can get right up to it and touch it. Since Sarah declared her desire to perhaps BE a NASCAR driver someday, this is an appropriate picture! We kept forgetting to put Ella in pictures. She's at the stage where if you get her out of the stroller, she wants to get down and run around. When you don't let her, and put her back in the stroller, she screams bloody murder. It was just easier to leave her in the stroller and take the pictures there!

This is a life-sized version of a frame they sell. Makes for a cute picture!

On our way out of the store....

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