Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday, Ella!

Ella Grace turns 1 year old today. It's hard to believe it has already been a year. We don't go to the doctor until next week for her growth stats, but she lots of other fun 1 year milestones:

Ella has 2 teeth fully in and 5 teeth working their way up! She loves, loves, loves to brush her teeth!

Ella is walking 100% of the time, even though she's not so sure she appreciates the shoes we put on her feet!

Ella loves other kids and will give any kid a welcome hug and kiss (even if she doesn't know them)!

Ella is also signing (although I've tried to pictures of it, I can't!). She can tell us if she wants to eat, when she wants "more", and when she wants milk. She will give you something if you ask for it, and always puts things back where she finds them. She also likes to bring you toys one at a time and then takes them back to where she found them. It's quite amusing.

Today we played on the playground outside and then went to the mall to play. Tonight Mommy and Daddy are celebrating with ribeyes & sword fish for dinner. Then cake and ice cream with family and Ella's favorite friend, Alison Keyser, and her parents.

The past year has been amazing and we're looking forward to this next year of toddlerhood!

2 Thoughts From Others:

ErinOrtlund said...

Happy Birthday Ella! Great job on the signing!

Beth said...

Happy Birth To you Ella!! Contrats to Cam and Mitch for making through one year!! Enjoy your tasty dinner!!

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