Sunday, July 8, 2007

It was a "Ducky" good time!

It was a ducky good time! We celebrated Ella's First Birthday on Saturday with friends and family. We had a pool party and much fun was had by all!

The cake and decorations turned out pretty well. I was happy with my duck cake!

The Birthday Girl in her birthday outfit (thanks to the Campbells!):

Ella wasn't quite sure what to do about this birthday cake thing. She looked rather perplexed when we were all standing around singing to her. And eat a duck head? Forget it! I think she just wanted to be left in peace!

And that's about the time our batteries ran out and we remembered we'd left them at home on the counter. So we'll wait to get the photos from Aunt Jen when she gets back to Arizona. Until then, Ella with her balloon....

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