Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

I have spent many, many 4th of Julys having to rearrange plans due to rain or cold weather. Sure enough, in Michigan yesterday, it rained and only got up to 80 degrees. In Vegas, we had to change our plans due to excessive heat with temperatures forecasted to be around 115 degrees. We weren't comfortable with having the little ones out in the heat for too long so we decided to skip the 2 hour parade (with a projected attendance of 30,000 people). So instead, we headed to the pool to keep cool for the morning!

Lunchtime brought on a BBQ of brats and cheese hot dogs with Aunt Karin, Aunt Michelle, Babcia, Aunt Linda, and Aunt Chris. Naptime was next with everyone except Mommy, Sarah and Aunt Karin sleeping -- we played a game of Mexican Train Dominoes -- AND SARAH WON! By about 100 points! Then everyon except Daddy and Ella went to the very busy movie theater to see "Surf's Up".

After the movie, lots o' popcorn and a bite to eat, it was time to go see some fireworks! We went to our friends' house, the Webbs, and watched their neighborhood fireworks.

It was awesome and Sarah got to do her very first sparkler, ever (according to her, at least)!

We were very festive yesterday with decorations inside and out, fun outfits and even 4th of July flip flops!

We ended the eventful day with a flat tire on the way home from the fireworks. For my own well-being, I opted not to take pictures of Dadddy putting the spare tire on!

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