Sunday, July 8, 2007

Just another day... or is it?

Friday was a busy day! After a morning full of primping, we headed to Target to get family photos taken, and by family I mean generational family. My mother, her two sisters; me and my two sisters; and our two daughters all had our pictures taken in various sets of poses. Once they are available on-line, I'll post them up for you. But in the meantime, the girls playing before we left:

Aren't those matching dresses cute?!?!

After pictures and an afternoon of swimming (of course!), the whole extended fam headed to Sushi Ko for a little sushi and hibachi. Sarah has been eating sushi her whole life. When she was younger, "sushi" for her consisted of "chicken on a stick" (chicken satay) and rice. Two years ago we got her to eat shrimp tempura. Last summer she tried eel. This summer she is eating her very own shrimp tempure rolls. Not bad for 7 years old, eh? Ella chose to eat the ever popular sushi dish -- Cheerios.

This is my 100th Blog entry. Let us celebrate with a moment of silence..........thank you.

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